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    Organic MCT Oil | Ape Nutrition


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    Organic MCT Oil | Ape Nutrition

    MCT Oil is a real food derived, rapid source of energy. Unlike other fat sources, it doesn’t need to be broken down on consumption, so is either used as an instant source of ATP energy or turned into ketones. Our MCT Oil comes in a glass bottle, is 100% derived from sustainably sourced organic coconuts and absolutely free of palm oil.

    Our MCT Oil is 100% derived from sustainably sourced organic coconuts and contains 60% C8 (Caprylic Acid) and 40% C10 (Capric Acid) Medium Chain Triglycerides. We use absolutely no palm oil in the making of this product.

    MCT Oil is odourless and flavourless, making it a great for addition to coffee, tea, smoothies, shakes or salads.

    MCT Oil is one of the key ingredients in Bulletproof coffee. The reason for its inclusion is that when added to coffee the fat slows down caffeine absorption, negating the spike and crash or jitters people often feel and instead providing several hours of steadily released energy.

    Our MCT comes in a BPA free glass bottle to align with our environmental and social responsibility.

    How to use:
    Start by using 10ml per ay and steadily increase intake as required. Due to how quickly MCT oil is metabolised it can cause gastric upset if consumed in higher amounts than your body can handle. Therefore it is advisable to increase your intake slowly as tolerance builds.

    When to use:
    Being the key ingredients in Bulletproof Coffee, MCT Oil is most often added to coffee or tea to slow down the caffeine absorption and create a time released energy effect. However, it’s also great to cook with or as an addition to salads for that extra energy boost. Remember to keep temperatures below 160 degrees celsius when cooking to ensure the oil doesn’t saturate.

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